Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini

April 27, 2014

…so, Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini is scheduled make appearance here to attend to view and correspond with those others attendant the feature screening of the award winning documentary “The Good Son” what revolves around Mancini hisself- the last of the Great TV fighters….

There can be few, if no other fighters more emblematic for the decade of the 1980s than Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini
“The Good Son”– I presume- tells the fabled tale of the talented, hardworking and erstwhile son whose father Lenny Mancini– the original ‘Boom Boom’- after enlisting into the armed force services, as #1 contender for the world’s crown, is shipped overseas, injured, …..to which, thereby Lenny ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini– is forced must have retire from the fight game- his ‘shot’ at the championship of the woild- forever to be he denied
….a realization of to which inherited by his own son, the dynamic, hardpunching, willing slugger- Ray ‘Boom Boom’ (like his father) Mancini
…also told in this film will be the tragic tale told for the fatal match between Mancini, and Korean great and equally willing slugger Kim Duk-Koo
Mancini‘s first great fight against featherweight, lightweight and jnr welterweight great Alexis Arguello- a match won by the ill- fated ‘Explosive Thin Man’- Alexis Arguello- with a ko by 14 over the ever milling Mancini
…his one round firefight with/against Arturo Frias
….his one fight comeback against one-time potential foe, then still unbeaten- the ill fated ‘Macho’ Camacho
…maybe even his final fight against herky jerky Alaskan tuff guy- Greg Haugen- the only one of fights for Mancini‘s career- this author-did have seen in real time
…I include this grade  8 rrendering of a poem for his father written by the forthright Mancini
Mancini‘s fight career, tho’ exploited by television, wuz one marked by it’s very unbeguilement (if that be a thing)
Mancini lead with his face, ever moving forward, a whirlwind of motion, a deluge of leather
…this poem, rendered by a gr 8 Mancini– speaks of a son’s love for his father
Mancini‘s career, besides being as has gotta be- the end point for all great TV fighters, going back at least as far as 50s? contender- former Collegiate champeen Chuck Davey
Mancini‘s career also marks the end of an era in many other ways. His tragic ko by 14 with/against Korean stalwart, the hard charging Kim Duk Koo is can may often is cited as to be- that fight what did most further again more truncate championship distance to an only just paltry 36 minutes! Which will does include with as many as 10 minutes official reprieve, marked by resting upon haunches at same time administered to by chief, and sometimes various other seconds…
Mancini fought as if guile, by it’s very insincerity, wuz somehow anathema to how he wished imagined hisself be
…by the very dynamic, unrelenting and integrity of Mancini‘s fighting style- when he lost- he wuz knocked out- cuz in trying his only absolute darndest to render his Saturday afternoon foe unconscious- wuz he able reconcile hisself to hisself
…this poem, rendered by an 8th grade Mancini is reflective of Mancini‘s face first courage in expression- the gr 8 boy what would write such a poem, no less a poem he proudly (if stoically)did stand with as public proclamation of his own- bespeaks of Mancini‘s likewise remarkable fight career
So!- Ray Mancini, the Last of the Great TV Fighters- attendant to feature screening of “The Good Son”
This Thursday
Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver

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